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I have literally given you everything needed to stalk me, so I have no idea why you haven't started.

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Great, very funny. He’s very silly and very sweet. Very professional, and never too serious. Like I would be singing in the booth and I would cut a vocal and he’d be like ‘Oh, that was terrible, you should try it again,’ like joking. He was very nice, very very sweet guy.
— Ariana Grande on the question; What was he [Harry Styles] like to work with? x (via hormoaning)

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I can see Taylor Swift is online so HIIII Taylor! My friend is a huge fan and her dad passed away recently so she’s going through a hard time—I’m sure a quick hi or a follow or your support would cheer her up! THNX GIRL

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@NiallOfficial: Sittin in the garden for the day! gonna do nothing !

@Harry_Styles: @NiallOfficial I’m in the bushes. 

@NiallOfficial: @Harry_Styles where?

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